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TheFreeway is pleased to present its Bodybuilding Clothing - Fitness line
Personalized clothing for Gym and Essays.
Gym accessories: Bodybuilding belts, powerlifting belt, squat bands, bench cuffs for competitions,
hooks for extream training and much more.

The Mallo The freeway

The bodybuilding body is a colored cream that is spread over the whole body quickly and easily,
recommended for Bodybuilders for BODYBUILDING competitions.
It dries in 1 minute, without leaving halos.
The color remains uniform over the whole body, does not leak into the spotlight and does not give off a bad smell.
It nourishes the skin thanks to its emollient composition.
Our product is very appreciated by bodybuilders who use it, after the competition just a simple shower with bubble bath to remove all its traces on the whole body.

TheFreeway Sportwear & Plusevent

TheFreeway Sportewear & Plusevent from 1998 to 2006 together organized the Marina di Carrara Fitness "èFitness"
Introducing the Grand Prix Open The Freeway by giving away a prize pool of 43 million lire in the first year.
Winner absolute Cat. Franco Malè.
Grand Prix Open The Freeway lasted for 8 editions, with the highest prize in the history of fitness, € 85,000.

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Competitions Mallo
for bodybuilding

The new Mallo is simple
to use, gives a tan
uniform throughout the body.
It does not leave halos.
Mallo for Bodybuilding competitions.
The only one in the world that spreads
all over the body in less than 10 minutes.

Personalized clothing

Send us your brand and it will be our pleasure to personalize your TheFreeway clothing.

Gym accessories

Bodybuilding belts,
powerlifting belt,
squat bands, cuffs for bench competitions,
hooks for extreme workouts.
And other various products for the gym sector.

TheFreeway Equipment

We only have the best
fitness equipment and gym accessories at the best price.
We are 100% committed to helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.